NIH Area Rentals 

Information for Inbound Tenants

Welcome to NIH Area Samslist Housing Rentals

Congratulations on moving to the area. NIH Area Samslist specializes in providing the areas best rental offers with reliable landlords most of who are a Federal or Military or retired from…

We are linked to Federal Training Guides for inbound as well as strong recommendations and word of mouth as well as repeat inbound on rotation year after year. That’s trust in us and the samslist landlord + tenant community.

Do know that you can call NIH Area Samslist (202) 370-6249 if you have questions regarding a listing or to find out how long a landlord has been renting out using NIH Area Samslist etc…

You do not need to register or login to view Rental Listings.
Do expect landlords to want employment verification from your supervisor/sponsor and if by email will need to be a .gov or .mil email address.

NIH Area Samslist is not a rental or real estate management company. How we started was from a call from the NIH in June 2012 looking to go online ridding of the old (fax your listing in) system. We have provided the listings connections very successfully for thousands of tenants and landlords as well as even home sales.

Thank you for using Samslist. (202) 370-6249

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