About NIH Samslist

The NIH Samslist is a very specialized housing site specific to Federal and Military Employees. We also talk with each landlord as they join our community of landlords that have been renting out for years and some for many decades.

The NIH Samslist was started in 2012 when we received a call from the NIH to license our listings software. Once we configured it, we got a call asking us to completely take over the listings and we did just that.

We have a little over 3,000 landlords who have used Samslist since opening up in June of 2012.

We are very careful about who we let list and this too plays into our fee for posting which weeds out a lot of bad apples so to speak. Many of the landlords who use Samslist are also Federal and Military Employees or retired from the Government.

Samslist has even been used by the White House and political as well as Federal Law enforcement personnel.

We take what we do very seriously and do our work very well to ensure all who use Samslist enjoy the rewards of getting those looking well match for their housing needs.

We also operate other special community listings sites. If your agency outside of the NIH Area needs or wants Samslist to open up for your community, let us know! Samslist – Serving the United States of America.

NIH AREA Samslist (202) 370-6249