System Message

System Message.

Hello and welcome to the new Samslist Platform. If you have any issues with registration or posting please do call: (202) 370-6249. This is without a doubt a strange time with the COVID19 in play, yet at the same time, hiring is going into the heavy season for rentals.

Our new system is much easier to use than our regular NIH Area Samslist platform and as server technology matures, well, we are riding with it gracefully. It is very important knowing our site fits on all devices and is really simple to use whether a landlord posting or a potential tenant viewing.

Your feedback is important and we would like to hear from all that use NIH Samslist as we are getting ready to expand and set the new standard for rental listing sites. For those that use say, Air BNB , craigslist, goodluck with that. We only desire and do bring the best of short and long term tenants for your rentals.

For Tenants: Always feel free to call us. We have really good landlords who post with us year after year. Some prefer short-term rentals and some prefer long term. Either way, we have around 3,000 registered with us and look forward to assisting through our listings to find you just the right place for your needs.

Our is still the main known listings go to link, …so do know that is where many active listings are as landlords transition to our new platform.

Thank you.
(202) 370-6249