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Welcome Landlords, Property MGMT’s, Real Estate and Broker Professionals. — NIH Area Samslist averages 400 to 600 + daily listings views ( compiled ) year around and spike higher in the summer months.

We are linked and referred to by Federal and Military Agencies and Posts. The NIH being our main. The great news with NIH Samslist is we were asked directly by the NIH to start Samslist and is how we are NIH Samslist. (since June 2012).

Note: The Registration information (is not) seen by anyone but you and Samslist Admin. The only Contact information that will show in a listing is what you provide, -like email, phone/text number and address etc…

Your listings will be shopped by various (employed)-on occasion retired) Federal and Military Professionals looking for a place to relocate to both Long and Short-Term.

After clicking your registration information into the NIH Samslist system, -You will be redirected (very fast) to your New Listings Account Dashboard to Submit your property Rental or For Sale Listing(s).