[ Note, the views on “Today on our chart (on the Right Bar Chart – Left 313 in Text as of 10:24 AM 7/16/2020)” this screenshot was taken.] Now, to the views . Many landlords have been asking how Samslist site traffic is doing, so here is a snapshot of averages the last month-ish. Daily is usually over 600 to 800 range views with a few oddball days that are lower for who knows why…

(We started with this chart since we opened our new platform May 3rd of 2020). Not bad for our community of Landlords. and it shows the reach of Samslist for our community is very strong.

Snapshot on NIH Area Samslist Listings Traffic/Views June 1, 2020 to July 16, 2020. Averages for the last 9 years. The All Time Views on this Chart start on our new platform launch May 3, 2020 to July 16, 2020 – Our Chart Comments component is turned off.

Keep in mind, the CV-19 has made things a lot different this year, but we suspect things will normalize soon. This however does not prevent the need for housing for the area inbound and the NIH , WRMC, FDA etc are very active. You get the idea. 🙂