About and Information

Seasons go up and down. We get a lot of daily traffic year-round. Most begin looking for housing around the time they get hired, which can be as far as a year out, but that is the consistent cycle as each month comes closer for the newly hired to the move-in need. Sometimes it is an immediate rental need, but generally one to two months out to find and book a rental is the norm as many are moving from far away to the NIH area.

NIH Area Samslist started in June of 2012. We were called by the National Institutes of Health to successfully convert them from (the old fax your listing in ) to a secure online listing format.

How do Inbound know about NIH Samslist? We are in the NIH Training Guide for Housing as well as a decade of excellent word-of-mouth and many federal agencies, real estate agents, brokers private online groups for postdocs, postbacs, scientists etc…

People come into the NIH area all year around and other agencies recommend NIH Samslist too. While our core is the inbound to NIH… -WRMC, Suburban Hospital, FDA, NOAA, NIST, Navy Yard and many other agencies use NIH Samslist.

We were even used by the White House for a NIST project that had many short-term WH assignments. We on occasion list privately for high-profile people. NIH Samslist is a privately owned company.

We are a *pay-to post site with the base cost of *$50. The live-status listing duration is for 30 days. No Refunds.

We do take in phone calls from both landlords and inbound people looking to rent. 99.99% are Federal and Military employees.

Any agreement you make as a landlord or tenant are between each other or any licensed real estate person or property management. NIH Samslist only provides the listings placed by the area landlords.

Over the years, we have had well over 3,000 registered landlords, some retire and move away, and new owners are told about NIH Samslist and continue to rent the space(s).

Many of the landlords who use NIH Samslist and Federal and Military employees or retired from Federal or Military careers. We too have many great people who live in the area that come from all kinds of different professions. It really is a great community of area landlords.

Registration ( Create an Account – using our Orange Landlord Menu ) is required to post a rental. Your information is only seen by you and the Samslist admin. No registration is needed for anyone looking to rent and all listings are viewable without having to register or login.

Validating a Federal or Military employee is easy to do. Ask your potential tenant for their supervisor or sponsors contact information and make sure the email is a .gov or .mil matching the agency or post of their employment. It is not recommended to accept a gmail, yahoo or msn , hotmail, aol etc… as a persons supervisor or sponsor agency or post contact email address.